Sunday, October 14, 2012



I feel that collaborating visual art with music will enhance the impact on the emotions and the intellect. It gives me joy to do art "while under the influence of music."

The past few years I have been experimenting with the aid of the computer. Sometimes I create new images which I combine with images from my existing original paintings. This process I call image integration.
Presently I am putting the images of my original opera paintings into the computer, and while listening to music I create new images and combining them with the original image.

My first visual interpretations ( image integrations) are :
La Traviata by Verdi   OPEN 4 minutes

Toccata for Marimba OPEN 7 minutes

 Looking and listening to TOCCATA : Magnificent, everything that is beautiful, touching in nature, in colors, pictures, harmony.The association of colors, the fading face of youth, sensitivity, the delicately interwoven coloratura of the seasons, the underwater visions, forests, the mood of the passing rivers. Some inwardly magical ringing-bonging with birds, bursts of memory-bubbles. The atmosphere association of dewy greens, blues, delicate pinks, warm yellows, and ripe oranges. For me it is nostalgia, but not sad, not even cheerful rather giving some kind of calming peace.
Maria Egri Phd, Art historian,
Former Ditector, Vasarely Museum, Budapest

The second video TOCCATA I find quite fascinating. The speed of the transformations felt magical and mysterious. The original color of the eyes, an unusual shade of yellow-green light held both vibrancy in its base color and a somber minor feeling with its grayed tones.Piquing my interest even more was that the eyes were not on the same visual plane but with a Picassoesque kind of humor are seen from two directions. The intensity of the music with its cat and mouse chase urgency kept me holding my breath through much of the piece wondering what would happen next. There was the additional intrigue of seeing what seemed to be a different set of eyes in some scenes again in various transformations in a robust pumpkin color. However, I was never sure if the eyes were of an other being or the image magically changed again. I was extremely excited throughout and held my breath through most of it.
So glad you have moved even further into new modes of expression.
Pauli Dutton, Poet,  Director of Altadena Public Lybrary.

La Traviata by Verdy OPEN 4 minutes

I am thrilled with your new medium! I listened and watched both videos. The romantic images and rose color of La Traviata fit well with the lyrical melody of the opera. I enjoyed watching the movement of the vibrant scenes, sometimes sweeping across the screen like a dance than flirtatiously coming close then retreating. The repetition of the images also fit the repetition of the music.
Watching and listening was a romantic delightful experience.

 Pauli Dutton, Poet, Director of Altadena Publyc Library.

Your art and opera series brings back memories of long ago as I had the pleasure of seeing many of the paintings contained therein. It is beautiful. Keep up the great work.
Georgette McMorris Phd.