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Music: Giacomo Puccini

Visual Interpretation of music : Susan Dobay

Explores the consequences of obsessive devotion. Pincerton, a U.S. Navy officer in Japan, contracts what he considers a temporary marriage to Cio-Cio-San, called Butterfly who renounces religion and family in her adoration for him. When Pincerton leaves for America Butterfly ignores warning of his unfaithfulness and awaits his return. She is shattered when Pinkerton returns with an American wife.
Butterfly ends her unbearable misery with her father's sword.

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Congratulations on Madama Butterfly!
"Puccini is one of my favorite composers who knew human passions and expressed them well.
You give back magnificently these passions with colors.
By alternating the flags beyond the butterfly, you showed amazingly the meetings of cultures. We have seen the butterflies and knives in earlier works, but here they have a decisive prominent part as the play of occurrence."
Kurti Katalin,  Art historian
You combined the East with West in a dreamy pastel, which is still very dramatic and gives back the bloody ending through a soft veil.  Your colors always enchanted me with there vibrancy, and yet 'unassuming' in a way that nothing is harsh, nothing interferes with the soft and dramatic music.
Very lovely, enjoyable artwork in a different, portrayal sense and style.
Congratulations! Lovely, your earmark has on it!
Judith P. Neszlenyi ,  Composer , Pianist


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